FRENCH CUSTOM #1: Crossing the streets

Your worst enemy – Parisian traffic

I think I have become colorblind in my sunglasses. Today I was walking around Bastille, and if you ever tried to cross to the other side of that roundabout on a hot spring day, you can begin to feel my pain. I strongly believe this roundabout is worse than the Arc de Triomphe, because it gives you this hope that you can actually make your way across. At least the Arc knows not to put any pedestrian lights so to fool you into the impossible.

As I struggled between making sense of a circular traffic pattern and fearing for my death, I realized how colorblind I was in my sunglasses. Maybe it was the color of the sun that day coinciding with the color of my shades (I didn’t have much time to theorize at that point) I could not tell whether it was the red man or the green man! So I frantically looked around me to see whether other people were standing or crossing. But soon I learned French pedestrians are not good benchmark for safety. They like to cross the road especially when it’s red.

Unable to rely on my eyes or the locals, I had no choice, but be a dumb tourist looking out for cars when the light has turned green 3 minutes ago. I still looked good in my shades though.

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