MUNICH: Food hunt in the beer capital

Summer came early.

There are a few things you must TASTE in Munich.
Even though the weather is getting just a tad warmer, all the Müncheners are already treating it like summer. Drinking beers, eating sausages, chatting, suntanning at an Wintergarten-like atmosphere. This is Virtualienmarkt, a must-go. It’s touristic, but also authentic. Try Lebarkäse mit semmel (a German meatloaf with breadroll) or Nürnberger mit semmel (small Nuremberg sausages with breadroll). You can add senf (mustard) or ketchup! Or both! You will fall in love instantly.

If you are in Munich, the beer city of the world, you have to drink the best of the best. Augustiner Bräuhaus is the place in Munich. It’s a full beerhall, long tables, noisy kitchen, gigantic tap, endless rows of beer mugs… and that is all in the brewery house itself,  so you know the beer in your hand is the freshest in the city, and most probably in the world. It’s always crowded and lively, any day of the week. I have been to the brewhouse 2 years ago, and I ordered what I had last time: the largest plate of food on the menu. There’s duck, slices of pork meat, sausages, ham, pork knuckle, blaukraut (red cabbage), knödel (German dumpling)…. I can’t even remember everything in the pan because it was all too good, I got lost in the dish. There is no doubt Augustiner is one of the best tasting beers in Munich, try Hefeweißbier (white beer with yeast), it’s small gold droplets in your mouth that can only get you to say, “More please!”


For those who are bubble tea lovers, Germany has got them now. It’s a new thing, and all the German teenagers are crazy about it. My friend and I wanted some bubble love badly, and there was a store near the Rathaus (City Hall, not Rat House) in Munich. It suddenly started pouring rain, and there was a 20 min line up going down the block. Everyone was as stubborn as me, no one left the line. Not to make particularly racial observations, but I was the only Asian person in the entire line up and in the store, which felt really odd because I have never been the only Asian anywhere.

Bubble tea in Germany is hilariously different, but good. First of all, you can get weird flavours like Soya or Yogurt Tea. Then, instead of tapioca pearls that we are all so familiar with, it is a trend in Germany to get Popping Bobas. They are bubbles that can be popped, with fruit-flavoured syrup inside. I stuck to my old friend Mr. Tapioca, but if you are adventurous, or ever in Germany (especially big cities like Berlin or Munich), treat yourself to one of these popping phenomenons. Whether it will be a good experience or not, it will depend on your personal tastebuds. But you should try to immerse into a new culture while traveling, isn’t that what everyone says?

Euro Youth Hotel
SenefelderStrasse 5, Munich, Germany
Room: One-bed private room
Price: approx. 50€/night

Rating on Hostelworld: 90%
A comfortable stay! Biased review alert! Since I was in a one-bed private. 
Character: The hostel is nicely furbished. The breakfast room/restaurant/bar is really big with many chairs. Staff is very friendly. A nice hostel. The hostel can be noisy at night, with people drunk and running in the halls. Earplugs are highly recommended.

Security: Security within the hostel is good. Key card entry everywhere. A passcode-activated safety deposit box in the one-bed private. However, since it is located right across from the train station, the area can feel a little off sometimes. It’s on a street besides other hostels and hotels, there are always people idling all along the street, which is fine. But it’s clear that some of them do not live in the hostels, and I see them outside everyday (sometimes I would see the same people when I go out in the morning and again when I return at night). It was weird, I didn’t feel safe returning alone at night, so I tried to go back earlier in the evening.

Location: Superb location. 2 min from the main train station, 5 min walk to the city center, many tramlines running right in front of the hostel. But again, the street can feel a little weird sometimes.

Cleanliness: The room, hallways, restaurant and reception are always kept very clean. However, the toilets are not always cleaned. Showers were ok.

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