PRAGUE: Where beer is cheaper than Coke

The Prague Dream

I don’t think anyone has heard of anything negative about Prague, because there really isn’t any.

The Prague Castle is a dream. By dawn, by day, by sunset, by night, with fog, with clouds, with sun. It is like the Eiffel Tower, so many expressions, and no one can get tired of looking at it.

Partying is a must, especially when alcohol is in the abundance and soft drinks apparently scarce (at least that fits with the laws of supply and demand?). On the last night, all of us went to a Rock n Roll club underground. Every Czech inside knew all the lyrics to American rock n roll, swinging their heads, raising their hands, and waving them like they just don’t care. I got lost in the atmosphere, the sun was rising when we came back up to civilization.

The Czech language was definitely a toughie. Here’s some words in the way we would pronounce them:
“Do-bree den” is Hello;
“Nas-kleh” is Goodbye;
“Dje-ku-ee” is Thank you;
“Pro-seem” is You’re welcome or Please;
“Pee-vo” is a beer.

So: “Pee-vo pro-seem” would be A beer please.

That’s probably all you need to know when you go to Pra-ha. How do you order a Coke? I’m not telling you because you’re not doing that, not in Prague.

Artharmony Pension & Hostel
Jecna 509/12, Prague, Czech Republic
Room: 3 bed mixed dorm
Price: 11 euro/night (considering exchange rate at 1 euro = 25 Czech crowns)

Rating on Hostelworld: 92%
Beautiful and unique hostel. Recommended for group travelers.
Character: The character is unbeatable. Each room is uniquely designed. There is even a swing in one of the rooms! The kitchen was a bit small, but the hostel was cozy, felt like home. It’s good for travelers in groups of 3-6 because you can book an ensuite at a low price, and have the entire room to yourselves. Staff was amazingly helpful.

Security: Highly secured. There was a key to the gate, then another key to the door, and another for the room door, and another for the locker. I accidentally lost the hostel key, and the staff told me they will change all the locks. They are serious about safety. The neighbourhood is safe, no problem walking alone at night.

Location: It is in the middle of Prague, which is good because you can reach any place in 10-15 min tram rides. But Prague is a big city. I would have preferred if it was closer to the Old Town, and take longer tram rides to other sites further away. It’s right in front of a tram station with many trams running there, 5 min away from the metro.

Cleanliness: Spotlessly clean, again, coming from a person who is obsessed about having clean everything.

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