DRESDEN: The hippie town

The "Balcony of Europe"

To be honest, I didn’t like Dresden when I got there. After the lively busy city life in Berlin, Dresden was much smaller and seemingly more boring.

But the city started rubbing on me quickly. The diverse culture in Dresden is not apparent at the first sight, it takes time to discover it, and once I did, it was no less than the fun I had in Berlin.

On the first 2 days, I felt like I had to choose between being a tourist and being a local. The river, the Elbe, divides Dresden into the famous ex-UNESCO part, and the Neustadt side: [pronounced: noy-schadt] the cool hippie part. If anyone goes to Dresden, there is no way they could miss Raffael’s painting with the little angels, or the treasury art. It’s world-class display.. it’s like going to Paris and not seeing the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre. I spent at least 5 hours in each museum, maybe because I’m a slow walker? But there are a million things to see in one museum, it’s impossible to see everything. The only downside is, you will be surrounded by tourists all day, and you will eat at restaurants considered as tourist traps.

On a rainy Monday, I woke up feeling gloomy, and just wanted to find a laundromat so I can have some clean clothes again. So I stayed at the Neustadt side, and found this cool place on Louisenstraße. The laundry place had socks hanging from all over the ceiling! Since it was the first time doing my laundry in German, I asked a girl who was waiting for her laundry to help me with the words. We ended up chatting and had a coffee together, sharing English and German words in between. A rainy Monday turned great just like that!

The day after, I went to a brunch place at Neustadt called “Bottom’s Up” on Martin-Luther-King Staße and it was a self-serve brunch buffet with everything imaginable: juices, sausage, bread, tomato-olive spreads, cold cuts, cheeses, fresh fruits, apfelstrudel… it was German heaven. There I was surrounded by a different population, no more big cameras and the English speaking, but Germans with long braids and colorful clothing and large dogs wearing bandannas. That is the real Dresden, and I liked it alot.

Erna-Berger-Strasse 8-10, Dresden-Neustadt, Dresden, Germany
Room: 4-bed mixed dorm
Price: approx. 18 euros/night

Rating on Hostelworld: 88%
Another amazing hostel.
Character: Full of character, my room was filled with German comic on the wall, the whole hostel was kind of hippy in décor. There are even 2 hammocks in the common room, the staff was amazing, it was so much fun.

Security: The neighborhood is safe, even though it was 2 min away from the train station. There were big lockers for each traveler. I thought they could update their lock system. There was no lock on the main entrance, and it’s an old-fashioned key lock on the room doors, but I felt safe in the hostel.

Location: It’s right next to the Dresden Neustadt train station (not the Hauptbahnhof: main train station). It’s right next to the Neustadt neighborhood with all the nice restaurants and designer shops. 10 min walk to Old Dresden, and 3 min walk to Albertplatz with many tram lines, getting you far and wide in the city.

Cleanliness: Superbly clean, once again, coming from someone who is blamed for being overly hygienic.

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